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Alcohol Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment

Known as one of the most psychologically devastating and toxic drugs, alcoholism can cause serious neurological and physical damage. Whether drinking to escape stress, pain, or the challenges of everyday life, alcohol addiction can quickly take away the ability to cope, leading to life-altering and sometimes fatal outcomes for not only the alcoholic, but friends, family, and loved ones.

Our comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment at Beacon HouseSM begins with a clinical evaluation and if necessary, medically monitored sub-acute detoxification. All our clients attend daily Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, as well as participation in intensive group therapy and weekly individual counseling. These activities are complemented by an extensive drug and alcohol education program.

Alcohol addiction is often linked to co-occurring mood disorders including anxiety and depression, or in some cases other addictions. As part of the Beacon House commitment of treating the whole person, our team of professionals will help to identify and treat these underlying issues.

Beacon House alcohol addiction treatment may be delivered for clients as inpatients, outpatients, or in extended care. All our programs also include experiential programs to help reintroduce clients to “real life” without alcohol, as well as Aftercare, and our alumni community.