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What are your triggers?


So, this came in the mail today….


I am not a pill addict, nor have I ever been….  However this marketing campaign from a local pharmacy was a trigger for me!  A trigger for my addictive thinking…

It is like there is some switch in my brain is that activated when I see something that might be able to change my emotional state.  This is the reason I avoid the liquor aisle in the grocery store and I do not go into bars!!

From the countless stories I have heard, I am convinced that my disease is cunning, baffling, and just waiting patiently for that pill, the drink, that line, joint, hit…

Whatever it is, our disease waits…… 

As the Big Book Says:  There will come a time when no human power can keep you from taking that first drink.

My sponsor has always said this to me….  Hence the reason for going to meetings and keeping spiritually fit through working with others, exercise, prayer, attempts at meditation, and practicing the Golden Rule.

What are your triggers?  What do you do to keep spiritually fit?

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