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Just two hours south of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Beacon HouseSM is located along California’s picturesque Central Coast in the quaint and coastal community of Pacific Grove. Just minutes from Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Beacon HouseSM is set amongst peaceful gardens, just blocks from rocky shores, pristine beaches and lush valleys. Our charming Victorian-Era mansion will make you feel at home, relieving you of the stresses caused by work, social pressures and day to day life.

Holistic Health Wellness

Our Holistic Health and Wellness Programs expose clients to unique, and often times new experiences, including yoga, guided meditation and other activities; each providing the opportunity for self exploration and expression. We make it a priority to focus on the whole person, mind, body and spirit, offering nutritional counseling, culinary workshops and exercise programs throughout your time at Beacon HouseSM. By raising awareness of the importance of overall health, we are able to arm clients with the tools and support systems needed to make healthy choices on the path to achieving lasting sobriety.

Real Life Experiences = Lasting Recovery

Our Experiential Treatment Program introduces “real life” experiences into many of our modalities. From equine assisted training at our private stables to golf on world-class courses alongside PGA professionals, bird watching or group hikes along scenic trails; our team is able to educate clients on the importance of living a recovery-based, healthy lifestyle. We understand that life beyond addiction is a cornerstone of the recovery process and by taking the time to for self exploration and healing, success can be achieved.

Why Travel Away from Home?

It has been proven, that by completely removing ourselves from day to day routines, unhealthy relationships, work pressures, home life and social pressures; that recovery is possible. When we leave our comfort zone and take the time to solely focus on ourselves, it makes it much easier to concentrate on the important person involved in your recovery – YOU!

Support System

Addiction affects more than the addict, and we keenly understand that you support community need assistance and guidance as they join you throughout your recovery journey and beyond. Through ongoing family support groups and Family Intensive Workshops and designated visiting times, our commitment extends to all who have suffered throughout the addiction history. Being in close proximity to major airports, allows the opportunity for loved ones and family to easily travel and take part in workshops and counseling that can be of benefit throughout the recovery process.


Many direct, nonstop flights are available to three major airports (San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) all within two hours by car and one regional airport (Monterey), just a 15 minute drive; the Beacon HouseSM is centrally located and quite easy to get to for our clients and their families.



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