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Holistic Health and Wellness

The Beacon HouseSM is committed to treating the whole person: mind, body and spirit throughout the recovery process and beyond. Our Holistic Health and Wellness Programs expose clients to unique and often times new, experiences, assisting them in improving their overall health through nutrition. Throughout their time in rehab, exercise and activities that provide the opportunity for self-exploration and expression are offered at the Beacon House. These very simple, yet powerful methods give clients the tools and support systems needed to make this a way of life on their journey to achieving lasting sobriety from alcohol and other drugs.

Culinary Program

The culinary program at the Beacon House strives to offer variety of wholesome and delicious meals with an emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Weekly cooking and nutrition classes introduce residents to simple ways to supplement health and recovery through a four-part series which includes:

  • An introduction to nutrition and why it is an essential component of any successful recovery program
  • The benefits of low glycemic cooking for weight loss and mood stabilization; this class includes a hands-on class on creating simple entrée salads
  • Super foods and the benefits of Omega 3 in biochemical repair from substance abuse
  • Mindful eating; taking time to appreciate what we eat and recognizing the six types of hunger

Meet our Director of Food Services, Jim Sapia


Exercise Program

The Beacon House exercise program takes advantage of one the most beautiful coastlines in Northern California. Three days a week the residents are led on a guided walk through the Monterey Peninsula with exposure to a variety of wildlife and beautiful vistas. This is a time when clients may choose to reflect on the day’s activities, socialize with fellow residents or simply take time to get their heart-rate up..

Other mindful activities may consist of self-guided gym workouts and walks to nearby Pacific Grove landmarks including: the Museum of Natural History, Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Coastal Recreational Trail or historic Point Piños Lighthouse along the Pacific Grove Golf Links. For those residents seeking a more ambitious workout, individualized training programs are available.



Yoga classes at the Beacon House challenge, yet motivate clients to come out of their comfort zones, exploring new poses and create a sense of calm and healthfulness. Classes are held on site at the Beacon House either outdoors or in our peaceful Carriage House. Classes are customized for all levels and serve as a venue for meditation, exercise, relaxation and self-exploration.

“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” –B.K.S Iyengar