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To Tell… Or Not to Tell?

So last night I was driving down the road going to a meeting when I saw the familiar red and blue flashing lights of multiple police vehicles in front of me. They were stopped and they were preceded by a row of flares that was forcing me to go in the direction that they desired.

I was pulling into the very first sobriety checkpoint that I had ever driven into in my life. I know what you are saying… “Rich.. you are lying. You must have encountered a DUI checkpoint sometime during all of your alcoholic adventures… ”

Nope… I have never in my life been in or seen one… until now.

I pulled up to the officer and he explained what they were doing as he shined his flashlight at me and into my car. He asked my if I had been drinking …. and I got to say.

“No officer I have not had a drink tonight…. actually I have not had a drink since early 2008”

Then I told him that I was actually on my way to a midnight meeting… ironically. We talked briefly about the purpose of the DUI checkpoint and the effectiveness of this particular one… on this particular night. I thanked him, shook his hand and I was on my way to my meeting.

As I left I had the thought come into my head about alerting others to the DUI checkpoint’s location.. so that maybe they could avoid it. Then I had another thought about the reason that it was there in the first place. It was there to catch people that were under the influence of alcohol (or other intoxicants) and had made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car.

I thought about how the decision that I would make could have effect on others… it could be good and it could be bad. I thought about my views on people who choose to drive under the influence and put others lives at risk.

In the end… I did not alert anyone about the location and the activities of the police.

(I am writing this part of the post the day after…. after talking with someone close to me about my night. She suggested that she would let friends know about the DUI checkpoint as a deterrent… so that they would take a cab home instead of driving. It was a great different perspective that i wanted to share.)

My question to you is… would you have done the same?

Or would you have posted the existence of the DUI checkpoint on your favorite social media channel..

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