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I recently got a speeding ticket….  50 in a 35.  I was guilty.

In Nebraska they offer a class called STOP!.  It is a 4-hour class aimed at scaring the CRAP out of folks by showing disturbing videos of drunk drivers and many clips of individuals who have killed others while texting and driving – and the survivors.

The class was effective.

I do not drink (anymore) so driving drunk is not an issue, today.

I am guilty of looking at my phone while driving – checking a text, changing music, looking at an email……  Now, after hearing the testimonials, I keep my phone in my purse and in the back seat out of reach.

To those that drink and drive – please, PLEASE do not get behind the wheel.

To those who text and drive…..  It can wait!

The ticket is now off my record, and they say it is like it never happened.

For that I am grateful.


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