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Rising From Ashes


A place that I love is literally going up in smoke.

It is said to have been started by a campfire.

Currently it has burned more than 53,000 acres.

It has destroyed over 57 homes.  It has killed one man, injuring two others.

The fire still burns.  It is 35% contained.

I have hiked the Soberanes Canyon Trail hundreds of times.  Sometimes twice in one day.

I have hiked it in the pouring rain, heavy fog, and relentless heat.

This is a place where I find my God – in the Great Out Doors.  This is where I connect.

When I travel to California for work I arrange my flights so I can hike Soberanes the day I arrive and the day I leave.

This past trip, that did not happen…..

My flight into Monterey was greeted with smoke rising from the place I love.  My heart broke….

Despite all of the continued devastation, what gives me hope is the knowledge that after the fire new growth will come……

Like me, after complete ruin, a seed sprouted and I am stronger, more resilient than before.

Thank you to all that are working so hard, around the clock and those who support the workers behind the scenes.


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