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It’s A Progressive Disease

I have been looking all over the internet lately. Just looking for things that get me thinking. Things that make me think just a little more deeply about my experience. One thing that I see over and over on the internet in regards to alcohol and drug abuse is in the realm of celebrities. 

Whenever there is a person that dies of this disease that is famous and well known it brings our disease into the light of day. Im not saying that it is not out there for everyone to see…. Im just saying that it gets so much more exposure then it usually does on the news, in the press, or on the internet. 

Cory Monteith was a man who was one of the cast members for the FOX show Glee. He passed away on July 13th at the age of 31. He had a history of substance abuse and was very open about it in his public life. I really had no idea who this person was until I read the article on the news the day after he did. There was an immediate reaction from the public because Cory was on such a popular TV show. 

When this happens… like it did with Whitney Houston and  Amy Winehouse it makes it a little more personal for people who may not have someone in their life that is an alcoholic or addict. They have a connection in their lives with someone that they know.. that has died from alcohol or drugs. 

It is always a tragedy when any human being is lost to drugs and alcohol. I think that sometimes people who are “normies” don’t think that you can actually die from alcohol….. if they don’t have an example in front of their face for don’t have someone that they know that has died from it. 

I have had people not believe me when I told them my story and how I was in an alcohol induced coma and was very near death. Maybe it is because alcohol is legal and it is more socially accepted then drugs are? 

“There is no way that you can die from simple alcohol ingestion”

I have heard this so many times in my 5 years of sobriety. 

As an alcoholic and an addict that understands the progressiveness of the disease I can see how someone can fall into the spiral downwards. It has happened to so many of us that we know exactly how it feels. It does not seem so far fetched for many of us how something like this can happen. How someone with so much fame an popularity can end up feeling so alone. 

I am so eternally grateful for the fact that I surrendered. 

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