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So I am headed to Arizona for the holiday and I have one of the greatest Christmas presents that I could have ever imagined waiting for me.

My brother and his wife had a brand new baby boy last night. I was hoping that I would make it down there for the birth but that did not happen. It was not in the cards for me to be there. I think that it happened for a reason. Thanks what I like to tell myself anyway.

Last night when I found out I was working and it was a pretty stressful night for my co-workers and myself… but when I saw the text from him pretty much all of the other things just fell right away and I knew that that there were more important things then what was overwhelming me at that moment.

Life happens and I do my best to deal with it on its terms… one day at a time. Once in awhile I know that I get overwhelmed and I forget some of the things that have been the foundation of my recovery.

Then there are things that come around that really make you stop and think about the things that are really important in your life. Things that will be with you for a long time.

I am going to be posting about my trip in the next week… and I hope that you can follow along with me. I don’t know what is going to happen along the way but I do know that I am going to meet my nephew… and that would of never happened if I was not in recovery.


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