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the possibilities are endless

the possibilities are endless

Have you had someone in come up to you in recovery and ask you how the heck that you did it? You might have a couple of days, or a couple of weeks.. or maybe even a couple of years under your belt and you seem like a recovery God to the newcomers that are around you.

When I first came into the Beacon HouseSM I remember seeing the people that were coining out of the House and wanted so much to be them. I just wanted to trade places with them. I really didn’t want to do the work so much I just wanted the result. That was pretty much how I wanted everything. The amazing result with none of the work.

I wanted to be like those people that had left the House after their 28 days to go back to their lives. Really.. deep down, that was what I wanted….. I just wanted to go back to my life and treat it like nothing ever happened. Except that I just so happened to be not drinking alcohol when I went back to my life. In a nutshell…. the reason that I failed the first time was that I didn’t really want it. There was still this part of me that thought that I could do it my own way and that the experience of others did not apply to me.

When I came back to the Beacon HouseSM…. I wanted it. There was a “Gift of Desperation” that had been given to me.. I was willing to go to any length. That was what it took for me to get to that place of willingness.

So when people ask me if there was any big secret that I knew about achieving sobriety.. and having it stick… I let them know about my secret. That secret is willingness. Willingness to go to any length.

My father put it pretty well when he said…..

“You either want it or your don’t. Its as easy as that. Its black and white…. life and death. You are either willing to go to any length or you are not”

I have always remembered that. It has helped me in many other areas of my life also. When I want to quit or sell myself short.. I just think of my father telling me that.


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