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A Coastal Retreat

Just two hours south of the San Francisco Bay Area and less than an hour from Santa Cruz, fondly known as Surf City USA, the Beacon HouseSM is located in the relaxed, coastal community of Pacific Grove. Nestled along California’s picturesque Central Coast between Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Beacon HouseSM is set amongst peaceful gardens, just blocks from rocky shores, pristine beaches and lush valleys. Our Victorian-Era mansion will make you feel at home, letting the tides take away the work, social pressures and day to day life.


Healthy Living

Throughout your time in rehab we are focused on YOU, mind, body and spirit. Yoga, guided meditation and other activities in our Holistic Health and Wellness Programs provide the opportunity and time for self exploration and expression. Through culinary courses, nutritional counseling and exercise classes you will learn simple, yet effective tools and strategies that will teach you ways to live a healthier, fuller life, in return achieving lasting sobriety.

The Journey Back to YOU

Learning to cope with life beyond addiction is a cornerstone of recovery and through our Experiential Treatment Programs each new experience will make you a stronger, more self-aware person. See and feel the world through sober eyes – experience guided beach walks, hiking on coastal trails, equine assisted training at our private stables and even golf on amazing courses throughout the local area. Your time at Beacon HouseSM will be one of self exploration and healing, taking each step, one day at a time.

Why Travel Away from Home?

We understand that often times when living in a small, close knit community, it can be difficult to remove ourselves from unhealthy situations and relationships. By taking yourself out of your comfort zone, gives one a fair chance to reduce stress and avoid interactions that may be triggers in addictive, abusive and harmful behavior. Toxic relationships and habits make it difficult to focus on your recovery and most importantly, YOU. It has been proven that traveling away from home for alcohol and drug rehab, results in a more positive recovery experience, and even more importantly lasting sobriety.

Your Support Circle

Being in close proximity to major airports, allows for loved ones and family to easily travel and take part in workshops and treatments that can be of benefit throughout the recovery process and beyond. Understanding that addiction affects more than the addict, our team of professionals are able to collaborate with your family and loved ones, providing unconditional support throughout recovery process. Family support groups are available, as are regularly scheduled Family Intensive Workshops and designated visiting times, both in-person and via telephone or Skype. Our commitment extends to all who have suffered throughout the addiction history.


Direct flights to the mainland are available. With three major airports (San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco) all within two hours by car and one regional airport (Monterey), just a 15 minute drive, the Beacon HouseSM is centrally located and quite easy to get to for our clients and their families.




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Retreat and regroup – take your first step towards lasting recovery. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866-421-6156 – our counselors are ready to help you understand your options and find the treatment that is right for you.