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Hello everyone.

What is the most important thing in your life right now? Is it your recovery or is it something else?

I have to admit that sometimes my sights are set on other things and my recovery takes a back seat. I have things that I place above my recovery when I find it convenient or when things in my life are going good. I know that I shouldn’t do this because I know that all that it takes is a momentary lapse… To drive me right back to drugs and alcohol.

I have seen people taken out over less.

My solid foundation is what what matters when the rubber hits the road. When life is happening … No matter good or bad, I have to remember that my recovery always has to come first.. Because without it my life would be nothing.

I have to tell on myself…. At a group level because it take the power out of it. If I keep it inside.. It can turn really bad. I guess this is telling on myself at a blog level!

That’s for being part of my recovery today everyone. Comment away!

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