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Thousands of people in the towns and cities where we live are devastated by alcoholism and drug addiction. Nationally, the numbers are in the tens of millions. They include our family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We are painfully aware of children who have lost parents, and of parents who have lost children; we know of men and women who have lost their health or freedom, and of innocent bystanders who have lost their lives. The depth and scope of the tragedy is unimaginable


A Lifetime of Recovery.

Beacon HouseSM has successfully provided life-changing services for 60 years. Thousands of people have recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction because of the treatment they received at Beacon House.

Real recovery from addiction is within reach; it can and does change the lives of the addict and all those affected by the problems of addiction. Good health and family relationships are often restored; people who were once burdens to family and community can become productive again – returning to school and work. Fear and worry about loved ones may finally be alleviated.

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