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Here at Beacon HouseSM we understand that disrupting a college education can seem overwhelming and like a huge hurdle, but we find that this is not the case.

By addressing an addiction issue while in college, young adults have an opportunity to remain in school with an increased chance at success by addressing and arresting the addiction problem early on. If inpatient care is needed, initially due to the severity of the addiction issues, students can return to college following treatment with a new outlook and a new vigor. Studies show that students in recovery have higher GPA’s then the average college student, resulting in a higher graduation rate and clearer direction after graduation.

With a full continuum of care for college students struggling with substance use and abuse, we offer both inpatient and outpatient options. Our team of addiction professionals design individualized programs for our clients, based on the goal of supporting students, working around their class schedules, and allowing for the opportunity to continue attending college classes. In addition, if an inpatient level of care is warranted, we will prepare our clients to return to college successfully after treatment, while integrating a strong base for lasting recovery.

By providing therapy and education, designed around staying in and completing college successfully, special focus is placed on overcoming road blocks and resolving past trauma around college, as well as the addiction itself and other underlying issues. Our staff has decades of experience in the treatment and higher education fields and know how to help our clients participate and enjoy campus life as healthy and confident students, armed with the skill set needed for academic and social success.

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After an initial consultation with our team at Beacon House, we will best design the type of program that will garner the most successful outcome. For some, our Outpatient Program may be what is necessary. In this style of program there is flexibility in the structuring and scheduling; working around class schedules and other education-related commitments.

The Inpatient Program at Beacon House is 24-7; individualized and care-based on the severity of addiction and related issues. This intensive program is aimed at the basics of arresting the addiction process, as well as establishing individualized relapse prevention strategies. During the Admissions process, our trained Addiction Counselors assess each client’s situation and recommend the appropriate length of inpatient treatment.

When in our Extended Care or Outpatient Programs, clients return to or continue in college, learning how to balance their recovery with their education and day to day life. Students continue to participate in an individualized program, as well as therapy sessions; all planned around class schedules and academic commitments.

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