Not Another Gratitude Post!

January 14, 2015 2:06 pm Leave your thoughts


You can never have enough gratitude, right?

Some people say that there is a feeling that they get when “gratitude” gets announced as the topic for discussion. There is a sigh from some people when they hear that topic. You can see the reaction in the room as some fold their arms or cross their legs thinking to themselves… “Not gratitude, again”.

I have never really understood that in my recovery. In my experience, every time that I have ever heard someone talk about how grateful they are it is of the utmost benefit for me. No matter how I am feeling at that particular moment I can always feel something deep within when I hear those stories.

Maybe my gratitude was a bit more pronounced when I was a little younger in my recovery. I am not that old, by any means but you know what I mean.

I can remember that when I was in early recovery… I woke up thinking that everyday was a gift in the life that I was living. That I was on “gifted time”… and it was the greatest gift that anyone has ever given to me. I went to bed every night with a small prayer. I am pretty sure that I have shared it with you… but if I haven’t, see below.

“Thank you God for what you have given me

Thank you God for what you have taken away from me

and thank you for what I have left”

It was something that I could not go to sleep without saying… ¬†and it really made an impact on my… daily. I had a couple of really hard times that have been sprinkled into my 5th and 6th year of sobriety. I was never close to going out, as I always knew that I had so much to lost, but I always knew that even during the dark days that there was a light ahead of me. I was always aware of that.

As I move along in my recovery there are days that I forget to take that final step that was so easy for me years ago. Just taking the time to acknowledge that I am grateful. I got this in an email a couple of from NA World Services Just For Today. If you are not subscribed to it.. its a great daily reminder.

“Are we grateful for our deepening relationship with a Higher Power? Do we remember to thank God for each day clean, no matter what has happened that day? Do we remember that, no matter how deep our despair or how great our joy, the God of our understanding is with us?”

I have to admit.. it got me thinking. Do I think about it everyday? I don’t… and I have to remember to do that. So what am I doing? I made a calendar reminder in my phone that will go off every night at 8pm. Whatever works, right?

There have been some things that have happened to me in the last several months that have been life changing… that I am very grateful for.

This is turning into that gratitude post… but please, don’t sigh or fold your arms.

Everything has a place and there is a plan out there for me…. and it is freaking glorious. It is something that I could have never of planned with my limited mind. There had to be something more to it to create the vivid mosaic that have been my last couple of months.

You can believe whatever you want to believe when it comes to Higher Powers and Overall Powerful Other Them Myself… but it is my personal opinion that I am not responsible for any of this. These amazing things have just happened to me.

I met someone… who is my confirmed partner for life. I just knew it right when I met her. We are engaged.. and going to get married. Life is so very crazy… and I am grateful for every second of it.